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Permanent Holiday Lights

Still hanging lights & taking them down 1 month later?

Imagine skipping the yearly tradition of tangled Christmas lights, balancing on ladders, & replacing burnt out bulbs.

But, how do you make sure your Christmas lights are hung with care every year?

With EverLights™ you won’t have to.

Let our pros install your permanent lights in a day, then enjoy your lights year round for any occasion.

“They look fantastic, hardly even noticeable during the day, and wow do they pop at night, with a clean, distinct look.”

You’ll see the neighbors drive by twice.

Here’s why everyone is switching to EverLights™

No Burnt Out Lights

Everlights have a life of over 50,000 hours

No Ladders

No more slippery ladders & sketchy rooftops

No Forgetting

Schedule lights automatically on your phone

Imagine your new home with EverLights™

Permanent holiday lights st louis mo

So Many Choices

Pick from our preset patterns or design the exact colors you want for any occasion (you can control every light individually). Add a bit of Christmas cheer, set a spooky mood for Halloween, show your patriotic colors on the 4th of July and every celebration in-between. No matter the shape or size of your home, EverLights permanent holiday lights can be installed on it.

Permanent holiday lights st louis mo

Patented Tech

Our patented technology is lightyears ahead of the competition. This sleek design means flawless performance and no downtime. (We have less than 1% service calls, which means these are truly built to last.) EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 unique color and brightness combinations at a time.

4 Ever Lights

Permanent Holiday Lights For Your Home or Business

Make every day magical with 4 Ever Lights! Choose from our preset patterns or design the exact colors you want for any occasion (you can control every light individually). Add some Christmas cheer, set up your spooky mood for Halloween Nighttime; let’s show off those patriotic stripes on July 4th and all other celebrations in-between. No matter what shape or size – this package has something that will fit any home.

Year-Round Holiday Lights

Every year, people look forward to the holiday season, but with the holidays comes the hassle of putting up holiday lights outside of your house or business, and only for the short time between December and January. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy these lights all year long? Well luckily, 4 Ever Lights has Christmas Lights that can be used throughout the entire year! The benefits of using our patented, permanent holiday lights include a longer life span, less energy consumption, brighter light output and much better durability than traditional Christmas lights. You’ll want to invest in one of these amazing products before the end of winter.

Easiest app ever

The easiest lighting-control app on the market. Schedule your lights once and pick from our library of presets, all from the convenience of your phone.

Fast install

Our techs will have you up & running in a day. No 3rd party installers, just our local corporate pros.

Waterproof & Weatherproof

Don’t worry about storms, rain, freezing temperatures, high heat or the elements. Our innovative waterproof lights & connectors can withstand anything.

Cloud based

Connect to your lights from anywhere at anytime. We’ve invested in faster tech which means one less device you have to wait on.

No more ladders

These one-and-done permanent lights mean no more climbing ladders. Every year in the U.S., there are over 300 deaths from falling off ladders. Avoid the strain and the risk.

Year round use

Birthdays, welcome home celebrations, parties, game days, and more. Make every day special by using one of our presets or designing a color pattern of your own.

Patented design

Our one of a kind lighting system is the best on the market.

UV protected

Your lights and wiring are protected against UV damage or yellowing.

Finally, Holiday Lights That Appear Invisible During the Day

Can you even see them? Slide to reveal their secret location

Hidden in the fascia

Hidden in the edge

Now See the Result in Action

Nighttime Holiday LightsNighttime Holiday Lights

Never worry about installing lights again

With 4 Ever Lights, you no longer have to worry about taking down the lights at the end of December or putting up separate lights for Halloween.  How does it work? Each light is connected to the internet and controlled with our easy-to-use app.

4 Ever Lights is can be used for any occasion. They come with pre-set patterns or you design the colors of your choice, which will make every light individualized to match your needs perfectly!

So whether it’s adding some Christmas cheer on December 25th before dinner guests arrive, setting off eerie Halloween lights when trick-or-treating begins at sunset (just don’t get caught out there by vampires!), proudly illuminating our American flag during Independence Day celebrations – no matter what kind of celebration may arise in between- 4 Ever Lights has you covered with our amazing permanent holiday lights.

4 Ever Lights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to tap into their own creativity and design sequences of up to 250 unique combinations at a time. With Everlight’s patented lighting technology, which is durable and reliable enough that we receive less than 1% service calls (meaning these are truly built for longevity), they’re sure not going away anytime soon!

Permanent Christmas Lights Near Me

Holiday lights are a staple of winter celebrations. Commanding attention from far away, they brighten the night sky and decorate countless houses. But this beauty comes with a set of costs attached to it. Every year, you have to buy a new string of lights, climb a ladder, and spend hours on the tedious task of installing Christmas lights. Every year.

But what if you only had to do it once? That’s what you get with 4 Ever Lights.

Moreover, our lights can be used for any holiday or celebration. Holiday lights are generally associated with Christmas, but they don’t have to be. Our permanent lights can also illuminate your home year-round, for any holiday, without any of that pesky stringing up or taking down for different occasions.

Even if you’re not a fan of Christmas lights during the rest of the year, there’s no denying their beauty when used around windows or on trees at night. They make great accents for your garden or porch all winter long! If you want to add some extra sparkle to your yard this Spring, 4 Ever Lights can help you there, too. The benefits of our permanent holiday lights cannot be understated.

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Start Your Your Journey to Never Putting Up Holiday Lights Ever Again

Start Your Journey to Never Putting Up Holiday Lights Ever Again

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